7 foods that make you age faster

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Anti-aging moisturizer, anti-wrinkle serum, sunscreen… Very often, we put everything on cosmetic care to delay skin aging (dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines…). However, taking care of the skin is not the only thing to consider. External factors such as tobacco, stress, pollution and the sun, together with the genetic heritage, can also wrinkle the skin and increase cellular aging. However, while it is generally accepted that a healthy lifestyle and good sleep lead to beautiful skin, little is said about the effect of an unbalanced diet. And yet, there is nothing more important than a balanced diet, both to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to maintain good health. In this sense, discover the foods that make your skin and your body age faster.

1) Alcohol among the worst foods that make you age quickly

alcohol alcoholic beverages
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Your gray complexion and swollen eyes the day after heavy alcohol consumption are undoubtedly the most visible clues! Alcohol has a very negative effect on the skin, in particular by leading to dehydration conducive to the appearance of wrinkles. Alcoholic drinks also tend to dilate the blood vessels, which weakens the skin and lets redness appear. When consumed in the evening, it fragments sleep, which means that the skin does not receive the optimal rest it needs to regenerate. Representing empty calories and devoid of the nutrients provided by other foods, alcohol also depletes the liver and the body, causing general fatigue, slower cell turnover and shortening of the telomeres that protect our DNA. .

So, it is better to consume it in great moderation and all the more in association with cigarettes which further increase premature skin aging. For any alcohol consumed, drink double the water to rehydrate !

2) Very salty foods also make you age faster

too much salt too much sodium
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Like alcohol, salt leads to severe dehydration. Sodium tends to suck the water present in the body, which fatigue both the skin and the body. Premature aging occurs more quickly, leaving the skin dull, dry and scarred. Let us mention more particularly certain foods such as cold meats which are foods rich in fat and salt, severely damaging the tissues and causing the oxidation of our skin cells. Ideally, eat as much homemade as possible instead of heavily salted junk and processed foods. And in your recipes, swap the salt shaker for some spices and aromatic herbs full of flavor!

3) Caffeine, not necessarily friendly to the skin!

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In the world of beauty, this component is very popular for its effects on the epidermis. It has effects against cellulite as well as to help decongest puffiness and more generally the skin of the face. However, the caffeine in our sodas, tea or coffee is a notorious diuretic and dehydrating agent when we drink it. Consumed in too large a quantity, it will also lead to decreased collagen production which takes care of the elasticity of the skin. This therefore leaves the skin less supple, which leaves room for wrinkles and sagging skin. Be careful not to abuse it on a daily basis!

4) cheese

prima donna präst-ost brie cheeses
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Certainly, cheese is a source of calcium which helps strengthen bones and teeth. It is therefore not a question of banning it, but of being careful not to abuse it. There is indeed a large amount of saturated fatty acids which accelerate the aging of the heart and promote cardiovascular disease.

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