4 tips and exercises to lose your saddlebags

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The saddlebags designate the subcutaneous fatty tissue which concentrates on the hips. Refining the top of the thigh and dislodging the fatty cellulite accumulated in this area effectively requires efforts on several points. You have to adopt the right diet, tone up with the right physical activity and not skimp on massages. It is not all a matter of slimming and weight loss, especially since many women who are thinner and more plump have this little problem often considered unsightly. Here are the best strategies to lose your saddlebags quickly and well and reshape your figure.

The fat cells that sit comfortably on your hips will hate you!

Review your diet to lose your saddlebags

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No need to embark on a very restrictive diet or starve! However, it is still necessary to adopt a healthy diet to lose your saddlebags. Indeed, all sugars (cakes, sweets, pastry…) and unsightly excess fat tend to get lodged in the abdominal strap for men. However, for women, all this fat mass often favors the lower body. To remove the saddlebags, you will need:

-Fill up on fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber. In general, all foods rich in insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are to be preferred. Low in calories, they go absorb carbohydrates and fats.
-Limit alcohol, sugar and salt (promoting water retention)
-Avoid eating very fatty foods. Foods high in saturated fat and junk food have often limited nutritional intake and lodged directly on the thighs.
-Without completely banishing fat, promote good fats to bad fats. Instead of omega-6 in peanuts, corn or sunflower oil, prefer omega-3 in walnuts, rapeseed or flaxseed oil and omega-9 in olive oil for cooking.

Slimming massage to fight against dimpling

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Massaging regularly is indeed a key gesture to evacuate toxins and water accumulated in the tissues and therefore fight against cellulite. Remember, however, that massages alone are useless in the same way as a good diet without sport or regular physical activity by eating anything on the side reduce your efforts to nothing ! The best option for losing saddlebags like cellulite is the famous “palpate-roll”. Indeed, this deep movement will directly grip the skin tissue in order to stimulate blood circulation, break cellulite and promote lymphatic drainage. Do not rely on any slimming cream and anti-cellulite miracle, there is no such thing. The secret is to do the right thing and be very consistent!

Exercises that are easy to do at home

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The ideal to have a good result is to mix cardio (see below) and targeted muscle strengthening. If you are not registered in the gym, it is possible to do exercises from your living room to lose your saddlebags. To do this, repeat several exercises:
-Squats (to be performed during every training session and whenever you can during the day, for example cooking, getting ready in the morning, brushing your teeth in the evening, etc.)
– Oblique sheathing
-Front slits and side slits
-The pool lifts to be carried out on the ground
-The donkey kicks
-The jumping jack
-Leg lifts on the side while standing
To succeed in your sessions, carry out three sets of 10 then increase the pace. You can also perform 30 to 45 seconds per exercise and per side.

Which sport to choose to lose your saddlebags?

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Any sport practice is a plus. However, some sports are more suitable than others. Often, saddlebags are the result of imbalance between the amount of fat absorbed by the body and the amount of fat burned. Also, the practice of a cardio activity will allow a calorie expenditure to burn fat.

There is :
-High intensity cardio activities: hiit, CrossFit RPM, body attack, body combat
-The running or the jump rope
-The sports softer, but deep such as a few swimming lengths with short fins or aquabiking

Losing your saddlebags takes tenacity and effort. If, however, you are still having trouble, there are other more expensive techniques. In institute or at the dermatologist, cryolipolysis (or coolsculpting) can be very effective on small well localized fatty surpluses. Count between 150 and 500 euros per session. Last option, not without risks, the liposuction by infiltration (or liposuction) could be proposed to you by a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery remains a last resort, however.

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