4 simple tips for perfect hair removal all summer long

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Hair removal is a permanent problem, especially for women, especially when summer is just around the corner. We sometimes do not know which method to use, or what actions to adopt to have optimal hair removal. Here are the tips for getting perfect waxing of the bikini line, armpits or leg hair!

1) What to do before waxing?

You have to think about moisturize your skin upstream with moisturizer or milk. This will allow the skin to be more elastic and better prepared for hair removal.

We must also think about erase his skin, which will remove the dead skin. This is especially essential before waxing, because it takes a soft skin in order to easily remove hair in a durable way. You can also make your own scrub with sugar and olive oil. Just mix the two ingredients and scrub the parts of the body that you are going to wax with!

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The exfoliation and hydration therefore are two essential steps before each depilation, it does not matter whether it is with a razor, oriental wax, cold wax or other.

2) The different techniques

Waxing is a well-known way to depilate and counter hair growth, because smooth skin lasts longer than with other techniques. The downside of this use is the pain sometimes too unpleasant for some people. It exists several types of waxes, first of all the cold wax which is very practical and accessible to all. Just apply the tape and remove it against the grain. Hot wax also is a technique used in particular in institutes with a spatula it is very effective. However, the result remains the same, regardless of the wax used, and regrowth takes about 4 weeks, which is very practical for summer!

Then there is the razor, which is widely used, because it is a fast technique and that is not painful. The problem with this technique is that the hairs grow back quite quickly, which often bothers a lot of people.

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Painless, the depilatory cream also offers a pleasant use, but which does not last over time. You will therefore have to use it much more often than wax.

There is also another variant which is the electric epilator. It allows to pull out the hairs, which is not always very pleasant. Few people therefore use this technique, even if the hairs grow back less quickly than with a razor or a depilatory cream.

Finally, if you can’t stand the hairs and you want to sustainably rid, laser or pulsed light hair removal is for you. You should know that it is not with a single session that the hairs will disappear, it will take time and more and more spaced sessions in order to to remove hair. It also represents a considerable cost, it is therefore necessary to think about it before taking the plunge of permanent hair removal.

3) The risks of poor hair removal

Ingrown hairs may appear as part of a bad hair removal. This can first happen in the event of a poor preparation of the skin. Thus, it is really essential to go through the stage of exfoliation and hydration of the skin before using the chosen hair removal technique. Poor hair removal can also cause this. Indeed, we must think about pluck with the grain for effective hair removal.

Moreover, to remedy the problems of ingrown hairs it is possible to use green clay. Let this paste rest for a few minutes and normally, this will help the disappearance of the ingrown hair.

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In addition, you have to see which hair removal is made for us. Some people will find it more difficult to bear the wax or even the electrical appliance. So it is advisable to test several in order to see the one that suits us best.

4) What to do after waxing?

Continue to hydrate and to erase your skin this will keep the skin soft and elastic in order to take care of your hair removal! And if redness or irritation appears, especially on sensitive areas or legs, you can use aloe vera which will hydrate in addition to soothing the skin.

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