4 recipes to make your own ultra fresh cologne

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Eau de Cologne is a fresh water whose every olfactory note can bring back memories of youth. Its scent sometimes evokes with nostalgia the perfume of a grandmother or a grandfather, lovers of perfumery and flirtatious, or the droplets slipped behind the ear before heading to school when we were small and quaint. ‘this was our first fragrance. These floral waters can thus offer scents for men or women. And it is up to everyone to turn instead to fruity, floral, musky, aromatic scents … The freshness of cologne and its not very heady trail are in any case promises of pleasant fragrances once the waters have returned. So, discover how to make a 100% personalized cologne with a few fresh recipes.

Eau de Cologne scented with rose, lavender and vanilla

We often have in mind cologne with citrus fruits, vetiver or patchouli. Nevertheless, one can also find sweet colognes, with floral, light and round notes. There is of course the rose water used alone for a subtle fragrance. However, it can also be combined with vanilla for more sensuality. This delicate-smelling bouquet is a delight to sniff on her wrists all day long!

Ingredients :

Vodka (this alcohol is used for its neutral smell which lends itself well to cosmetics and home care!)
A handful of fresh or dried rose petals
A handful of fresh or dried lavender
And a vanilla bean

How to proceed ?

Combine the ingredients that provide the aromas in a clean airtight glass bottle. Then cover with the vodka, making sure to cover the petals well. They will then start to float (they will sink when they absorb the alcohol). Look under the flowers and make sure there is at least an inch of vodka underneath. Close your container and let macerate for minimum 2 weeks shaking regularly. Extend the maceration up to 4 or 6 weeks for a more fragrant scent. Filter in a spray bottle!

If the liquid changes color don’t panic… it’s a natural process.

lavender perfume cologne
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Sparkling and Refreshing Citrus Eau de Cologne

Not a fan of floral water? Prefer aromatic water to citrus fruits. Grapefruit, orange or mandarin bring the fruity side and aromatic herbs provide freshness. Perfect when you get out of the shower after hot summer days!

Ingredients :

Citrus peels (remove the white skin inside)
A handful of fresh mint or basil
For a more fragrant scent: essential oil of peppermint and sweet orange
Vodka (always for its neutral smell)

How to proceed ?

For a more fragrant water, scrunch the mint before sliding it into a clean airtight bottle with the citrus peel. Cover with vodka: there should be about an inch above your leaf-bark mixture. Close your jar and let macerate for minimum 2 weeks shaking regularly. Extend the maceration up to 4 or 6 weeks for a more fragrant scent. If you like concentrated cool waters, add 5 drops of sweet orange oil and 1 of mint per 230 ml of infused water. Transfer everything to your spray bottle.

orange perfume cologne
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The old-fashioned cologne recipe

Do you like the scent of classic cologne? Try this little recipe with essential oils after making sure you don’t have no allergy to each of the essences mentioned.

Ingredients :

30 cl of vodka
8 cl of spring water
6 drops of rosemary essential oil
10 drops of lemon essential oil
10 drops of bergamot essential oil
And 10 other drops of verbena (or geranium) essential oil
6 cardamom seeds

How to proceed ?

In an airtight bottle, pour the essential oils, vodka and cardamom. Close the bottle and let macerate 2 days. Then add your spring water, shake well and let macerate 1 week. All you have to do is filter and pour your fresh scent into a sprayer.

essential oil hydrosol floral water
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The authentic cologne with essential oils

Here is another recipe with essential oils with here the presence of white flowers (thanks to the orange blossom) and benzoin which brings a more woody side, two ingredients offering subtle notes highly appreciated in fresh waters old. They will thus bring a little roundness to your recipe. Something to smell good with a fresh and relaxing scent!

Ingredients :

500 ml of 50% vol alcohol (or vodka)
6 g benzoin
4 g lemon essential oil
4 g of bergamot essential oil
2 g of citron essential oil
1 g of true lavender essential oil
5 drops of orange blossom essence

How to proceed ?

Here, it’s very simple! Mix all the ingredients in an airtight bottle and let macerate 10 days before filtering.

Do you like homemade perfume or toilet water recipes? So, also discover how to make a solid perfume with essential oils!

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