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When it comes to cosmetics against fine lines and wrinkles, it can be difficult to disentangle the true from the false and find the best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream to fight the signs of the passing of time (dark spots, fine lines, dark circles, dull complexion. …). It must be said that we are praised the merits of supposedly miraculous ingredients, but whose effectiveness is not proven (black truffle, pomegranate, Q10, etc.). So, where to turn to delay sagging skin? Here is an overview of the natural or chemical anti-wrinkle ingredients to favor in the composition of your skin care.

Let us recall in passing thatno miracle cream exists to firm the skin. Nothing will ever give a lasting botox effect on the signs of aging. A healthy lifestyle and the use of daily sunscreen as favorable genetics therefore remain the basis of beautiful skin. The application of good care is only a matter of maintenance for maintain the beauty of the skin and its youth.

Retinol, one of the few recognized anti-wrinkle ingredients

Derived from vitamin A, this ingredient fights against fine lines and shallow wrinkles, as well as various skin problems (acne, pigment spots, etc.). he helps cells to regenerate and encourages collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid production. To be incorporated into your routine little by little to avoid sensitizing the skin. Retinoic acid (or tretinoin), available by prescription, is another derivative of vitamin A which also helps reduce fine lines. Very effective, it is nevertheless more aggressive and photosensitizing, therefore less well tolerated than retinol.

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Hyaluronic acid: hydrating, plumping and softening

Hyaluronic acid serum or cream is a classic to have at any age and for all skin types. Indeed, it is not an anti-aging for mature skin strictly speaking. However, it helps to bind the cells together, filling in the spaces. This is what gives it a very effective plumping power to give a plump appearance to the skin. It also has a real care effect since it will in the process maintain skin hydration. (It is able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!) Thus, in addition to tone and elasticity, it brings softness and radiance to dull complexions.

Peptides: to know absolutely!

Collagen is a protein whose molecules form a mesh ensuring the resistance and firmness of the skin. Many anti-wrinkle creams include it among their ingredients. However, when added to a product, its molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, making it ineffective in cosmetics. On the other hand, peptides have a real effectiveness. Indeed, they promote the natural production of collagen by the body to fight against the effects of skin aging.

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Other anti-wrinkle ingredients with useful properties:

Fruit acids (AHA and BHA type glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid…): With age, cell renewal is no longer as effective. A peel with fruit acids will then give a new skin effect. This oxygenates the skin for radiance, and eliminates spots such as large pores. And no need to wait until you have your first wrinkles to use them!
Antioxidants (vitamin C, resveratrol …): Daily external aggressions (pollution, etc.) promote cell oxidation and therefore skin aging. By combating this phenomenon, antioxidants help preserve our youthfulness. And of course, they are useful even if no wrinkles appear.

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