20 remedies to calm skin irritation – all you need

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How to calm burning skin ? Without really knowing the cause, sometimes in the neck, chest, waist, legs, inside the thighs or on or under the arms, suddenly the skin ignites, redness and little ones buttons appear. Allergy, stress, liver problem, sweating, excessive hygiene … we do not know the origin of these transient eruptions, which fortunately do not settle for long but each time cause unpleasant itching. And if we have the misfortune to scratch these burning plates more and expand. Hence the interest ofsoothe her skin with one of our 20 natural remedies.

20 remedies to calm irritated skin

How to calm irritated skin

1 – Silver colloidal

Colloidal silver is indicated for eczema, acne, to treat insect bites and burns and also to disinfect wounds.

It is a solution containing silver particles suspended in purified water because it is distilled.

How to use colloidal silver

ATpplicate colloidal silver using a cotton ball or sterile compress directly on the irritated skin 2-3 times a day.

2 – Cabbage leaf

Leave the cabbage leaves (stripped of their large veins) to macerate in water for 3 to 5 hours.

Apply directly as a compress to the affected skin area.

3 – Cold pebble

The cold calms the irritations of the skin.

Pass a very cold pebble on the irritated skin. As a precaution, put several in advance in the refrigerator)

4 – Avocado oil

Massage the irritated area with a very nourishing oil as‘avocado oil

5 – Honey

Spread honey, directly on the affected areas

6 – Apple cider vinegar

Wet a compress in apple cider vinegar, then apply to the skin.


If the rash covers large parts of the body or if no improvement appears after 15 days, consult your doctor without delay.

Baths to calm inflammation of the skin and stop itching.

7 – Starch bath

Mix 1 to 2 kg ofstarch in a quart of pure water, mix slowly and stirring with the hot water of the tub.

Rice cooking water can replace starch.

8 – Clay bath

Dilute by theWhite clay in bath water.

The clay tends to dry out the skin, after this bath apply a moisturizer or better still rosehip oil from Chile which improves the quality and tone of the skin. skin.

9 – Baking soda bath

Dilute some baking soda in the bath water.

Poultices to calm inflammation and itching

10 – Chamomile poultice

Throw 30 g of dried chamomile flowers in a saucepan filled with one liter of water.

Boil for ten minutes then remove from the heat.

Let cool.

Wet a compress with this decoction then apply to the itching.

Leave in place for about twenty minutes.

Repeat the poultice until the symptoms disappear.

11 – Carrot poultice

Finely grate carrots, place in a fine cloth.

Every evening before bedtime apply the poultice on the itching.

Keep on overnight.

Repeat each evening until complete healing.

12 – Baking soda poultice

Dilute a teaspoon of baking soda in a little water.

Apply as a paste directly to the affected area.

Compresses to soothe theskin irritation

13 – Chamomile essential oil

Apply on lesions compresses soaked in 4 to 6 drops of chamomile essential oil diluted in sweet almond oil.

how to treat skin irritation without medication

More Ways to Treat Skin Irritations Without Medication

14 – Auriculotherapy

It is a technique of reflexotherapy on the ear which is similar to acupuncture. It stimulates one or more of the 196 points in each ear to relieve various disorders including stress and dermatological problems such as inflammation of the skin.

15 – Fire Cutter

Fire cutters relieve the pain of burns through mysterious rituals.

Without really understanding their practice, doctors no longer hesitate to advise their patient to see a gunshot to relieve their burns.

Whether or not they are accompanied by prayers, a gunshot will pass his hand for a few minutes over the inflamed skin and that’s it! The pain and itching will decrease.

16 – Magnetizer

Formerly called a healer, the magnetizer uses magnetic energy to rebalance the messed up organism.

Pdaring his hands in areas where energy is blocked so that it circulates again, with successful, it relieves pain and skin problems.

17 – Reiki

Reiki successfully treats the problem of inflamed skin and relieves itching.

It’s about a alternative therapy, which with the help of a specific touch on different points of the body has the goal to restore the body’s energy balance to allow it to heal quickly.

If the skin irritation recurs

18 – Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet

An unbalanced diet can cause many health problems, including inflammation of the skin.

Going on an anti-inflammatory diet can prevent or reduce this problem.

Which foods to favor:

-The spices



– Whole grains



Whole wheat bread

Whole dough

Complete rice

Whole grain semolina


– Fruits and in particular:







– Seeds and their oils:


Chia seed


Pumpkin seed


– The vegetables


Green leafy vegetables: broccoli, cabbage or spinach

– Oily fish






– Soy

Soy beans


– Preferred drinks


Cranberry juice

Orange juice

Green and black tea

Red wine

– Confectionery

Dark chocolate

What foods to avoid because they can cause inflammation

French fries and other fried foods

White bread

Pastries especially industrial pastry

Dairy products and foods high in animal fat

Red meat

Processed meat: sausages

Also avoid:

Margarine and lard

Sodas and other carbonated or sugary drinks

19 – Change detergent

Clothes washed with certain detergents, often in powder, attack the skin and create inflammation.

Choose detergents allergen-free and forgo fabric softeners

20 – Sophrology

The sophrologist can help you if you are a stressed person and if you often suffer from inflammation of the skin, without its origin being understood.

This method includes a set of dynamic relaxation, breathing and mental visualization.

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