18 Tips to Calm a Burning and Itchy Mouth Quickly

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After consuming a too hot dish or too much spicy the palate and the tongue burn and bite awfully. Nobody likes to have mouth on fire. How? ‘Or’ What so mitigate as quickly this sensation of burn ? Discover 18 tips to relieve pain from hot or hot drinks or foods.

18 tips to quickly calm a burning mouth

18 tips to quickly calm a burning mouth


To calm a burn in the mouth,

avoid consuming acidic fruits and juices, and alcohol.

Also be careful not to use a mouthwash containing alcohol.

1 – Aloe vera + 1 essential drop of clove

Aloe vera gel is sovereign for calm the burns and accelerate their healing.

Clove essential oil is known to relieve oral pain.

The combination of the two is very effective.

Take 1 teaspoon ofaloe vera mixed with an essential drop of clove will immediately soothe the burning sensation

from your mouth.

2 – Oats

This cereal known to soothe burns and irritations, will quickly calm your mouth on fire.

Take a spoonful of oatmeal previously swollen in a little water or milk.

3 – Water

Rinse your mouth with cool water can reduce the burning sensation in the mouth and reduce its swelling.

4 – Salt water

Fight the fire in your mouth by rinsing it with a solution consisting of the contents of one teaspoon of lukewarm water mixed with half a teaspoon of salt end.

5 – Bicarbonate

A gargle at baking soda for about ten seconds will immediately soothe the burning and tingling sensation of your tongue and palate.

Then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.

6 – Chewing gum

Because it will help produce more saliva, and therefore moisten your mouth more, chewing chewing gum will give you relief.

7 – Chips

Oily, dry and salty, potato chips can be effective in reducing the burning sensation in your mouth.

8 – Chocolate

Calm burning and stinging by melting a square of chocolate in your mouth.

9 – Crushed ice

Sucking on pieces of slightly melted crushed ice will reduce the burning sensation in your mouth in a few seconds.

10 – Olive oil

Quickly calm burning and unpleasant tingling by keeping a few seconds little olive oil in the mouth.

Spit it out.

11 – Milk

Slowly drinking a glass of milk soothes and neutralizes quickly the burning sensation in the mouth.

12 – Green vegetable cooked in water

Does your mouth make you suffer? Do not wait, after consuming a dish that is too hot or too spicy, chew a little green beans or spinach cooked in water without sauce as quickly as possible.

13 – Bread crumbs

Neutralize the fire in your mouth, after eating a dish that is too spicy, by eating soft breadcrumbs.

14 – Honey

Reduce the burns in your mouth by swallowing a spoonful of honey.

15 – Potato

Mashed or cooked in water, a spoonful of potato will soften the burning sensation in your mouth.

16 – Rice

Just like the potato, a spoonful of boiled rice will immediately soothe your burning mouth.

17 – Sugar

Soften your inflamed mouth by melting a piece of sugar between the tongue and the palate

18 – Yoghurt

Take a spoonful of yogurt and gently melt it in your mouth.

Too spicy dish? 4 tips to avoid mouth on fire

Too much pepper in your dish? 4 tips to avoid mouth on fire

1. Add broth, cream, milk, yogurt to your preparation

Remove the sauce from the dish, then replace it with broth, coconut milk, yogurt or sour cream.

Let the preparation simmer.

2- Add chocolate to the sauce

By melting a square of chocolate in the sauce, you can soften its taste and make it smoother and smoother.

3 – Add a sugar to the sauce

Pour a tablespoon of sugar into the dish.

Mix well.

4 – Add a potato to your dish

Leave a raw potato, washed and peeled in the sauce.

Mix it well with your dish.

When it is cooked, until it absorbs the excess spice, remove it from the dish.

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