18 Health and Beauty Benefits of Oat Milk

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What are the benefits of oat milk ? Is it better for health than cow’s milk? More and more people reject the cow milk either because they do not digest it, or because they suffer from cholesterol, either because they find that give up milk is an act of animal protection. One thing is certain, although it does not provide the same nutrients as animal milk. oat milk, rich in lipids and vegetable proteins, is easy to digest and is good for health. And luck, make his oat milk to the House, it’s quick. Discover how oat milk is made, and what are his 18 benefits on the health as on the beauty.

18 health and beauty benefits of oat milk

How almond milk is made

Oat milk is obtained from oatmeal and water.

Why prefer oat milk to animal milk

Recommended for people who are intolerant to milk of animal origin, it is pleasant to drink and very easy to digest.

The only problem is that the marketed almond milk often contains additives, preservatives and sugar harmful to health.

So it is better to prepare it yourself at home, which is very easy and quick to do.


Oat milk, like all other vegetable milks, is not suitable for young children.
Under no circumstances can it replace breast milk or formula milk.

What oatmeal to use

Avoid cereal packets bought in supermarkets which usually contain salt, glucose-fructose syrup, oil, milk, peanuts, and often fancy flavors.

Use small, organic, unroasted oatmeal.

how to make oat milk - 3 recipes

3 homemade oat milk recipes

1 – Oat milk obtained by infusion

Bring the oatmeal to a boil in twice its equivalent in water.

Mix well.
Let steep for 10 minutes.

Filter the resulting infusion, and pour into a glass bottle.

Shake before use.

2 – Oat milk obtained by steeping

Soak 250 g of oatmeal in a bowl filled with 125 cl of water.

When the oats are softened, mix them in a Blender, adding 50 cl of water to obtain a milky consistency, but while retaining their texture. If you want a less creamy and much more liquid consistency, filter it by passing it through a Chinese or a very fine cloth.

3 – Oat milk obtained directly from the blender

In the Blender, mix at maximum power for 1 minute 1 liter of water, 100 g of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of agave syrup and 1 pinch of salt take a short break, then start mixing again for a longer period of time.

Filter the mixture obtained using a Chinese or better a tea towel or a vegetable milk bag.

Pour into a glass bottle.

There is also oat milk powder to rehydrate

Storing oat milk

Oat milk will keep for 4 days in the refrigerator.

How to consume oat milk

Oat milk can be consumed plain, as a drink and used to make creams, cakes, flans, ice creams, quiches, mousses, bechamel sauce or any other preparation requiring milk.

what are the benefits of oat milk

18 benefits of oat milk

1 – Oat milk good for the heart

Rich in carbohydrates, protein, iron and fiber, containing vitamins B1, vitamins E, B2 and A and many antioxidants, oat milk boosts the immune system, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulates blood sugar.

2 – Oat milk against constipation

Very rich in fiber, oat milk will increase the volume of stools and soften them which will facilitate their progression in the intestines.

3 – Oat milk against stress and nervousness

B vitamins in almond milk have the reputation of being a winning combination against mood disorders like anxiety, depression or any other imbalance of the central nervous system.

4 – Oat milk against athlete’s cramps

Oat milk strengthens muscles and helps prevent the onset of cramps and contractures from exercise.

Due to its qualities, bodybuilders have made almond milk their favorite drink.

5 – Oat milk to lower cholesterol

Strongly antioxidant, oat milk can help lower the level of (bad) cholesterol in the blood,

Regular consumption of oats is accompanied by a drop of 5 to 10% in the level of LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Oats also lower total cholesterol.

6 – Oat milk for the gluten intolerant

Although oat milk is not “gluten free”, it does not contain gliadin, and therefore poses no problem to those who are gluten intolerant.

7 – Oat milk to fight against anemia

A glass of oat milk contains 10% of the iron you need each day.

Anemia is usually caused by a lack of iron and vitamin B12.

Oat milk, rich in these nutrients, paired with a dish of lentils and a little chocolate, can help prevent anemia.

8 – Oat milk for weight loss

By that it is naturally low in sugar, that without adding sugar or salt, it contains less than 41 kcal / 100ml, and rich in soluble fiber, oat milk accelerates transit.

Appetite regulator, so it is ideal for people who follow a diet.

9 – Oat milk for better digestion

Better tolerated than animal milk, very digestible, perfect in the morning, oat milk does not contain lactose, low in saturated fatty acids helps stimulate digestion.


Instead, take oat milk in the morning and not in the evening

Oat milk because of its high fiber content can make inflate the belly and give bloating.

Benefits of oat milk on the skin

In dermatology,oats is recommended to skins sensitive, dry and irritated.

10 – Oat milk bath to treat dry and irritated skin

Take an oatmeal bath to treat eczema or dermatitis.

Pour 3 liters of oat milk into the lukewarm water of the tub.

Then bask in your bathtub for a quarter of an hour and your skin will become soothed again, soft and well hydrated.

11 – Oat milk for acne

Oat milk, hydrating and soothing, helps reduce acne breakouts. In addition, thanks to its content of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, milk will improve the quality of the skin by maintaining its pH.

12 – Oat milk to calm itching

Oat milk helps repair the skin by hydrating it by regulating inflammation. Whether it is itching from an insect bite or an allergy, apply a compress soaked in almond milk to the inflamed skin.

Leave in place for about twenty minutes.

Repeat the poultice until the symptoms disappear.

13 – Oat milk to calm a sunburn or razor burn

Apply a compress soaked in oat milk to the inflamed skin.

14 – Oat milk for soft white hands and beautiful nails

Immerse your hands for a quarter of an hour each in a bowl filled with almond milk

15 – Oat milk to cleanse baby

Pour a little oat milk on a cotton ball then cleanse baby’s delicate skin.

Benefits of oat milk for hair

16 – Oat milk for irritated scalp

Massage the irritated scalp with your fingertips with oat milk.

Rinse generously with lukewarm, almost cold water.

Dry avoiding hot air from the hair dryer.

17 – Oat milk against dandruff

Using a brush apply the oat milk to the wet roots.

Massage gently then rinse.

Repeat the treatment once every month.

18 – Oat milk conditioner

Effective detangling, oat milk conditioner will improve the quality of your hair by leaving it silky, smoother, stronger and shinier.

Pour oat milk over your hair.
Pass the comb.

Leave on for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

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