10 little-known uses of your tea tree essential oil

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The essential oil of tea tree or tea tree is a classic of the first aid kit. We know how great this essential oil is for drying out a pimple and seeing it disappear in two steps. However, this product has many virtues which means that it can be used for many other different things. Too bad therefore to limit this product to temporary acne pimples! It can be used on other skin problems and even on wounds or in case of sore throat. To familiarize you with all these surprisingly surprising uses, here is a summary with 10 simple tips to achieve to be healthier and more beautiful!

If you are keen on aromatherapy, also consider discovering its uses to disinfect everything in the house.

1) tea tree essential oil for pimples

Perhaps this is the most famous trick of all ! It is therefore impossible not to mention it. If you have small, red acne pimples, apply a drop of pure tea tree essential oil to the pimple (s) up to 3-4 times a day. In case of very sensitive skin, do not use this pure oil. You can dilute it in bourbon geranium floral water. And if this is an area where there are a lot of unsightly blemishes, dilute your essential oil 50/50 in a vegetable oil of your choice. Hazelnut oil and jojoba oil are ideal for acne-prone skin. Then apply this treatment locally to cleanse the skin.

2) To soothe an abscess or gingivitis

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Here is something to relieve your mouth while waiting for your dentist appointment! If you have an abscess, apply a pure drop of tea tree oil to the painful area after brushing your teeth. In case of gingivitis or dental ailments, you can also use its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties by adding a drop to your toothpaste. Do this once a day at most to properly disinfect harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3) Zap a cold sore with tea tree essential oil

From the first suspicious tingling, apply a drop of pure essential oil to the cold sore in question using a cotton swab. Repeat the application several times a day to limit the itching and quickly cure your oral herpes.

4) Facing respiratory infections

As soon as a respiratory infection attacks your airways, consider taking inhalations. Just place 4 to 5 drops of tea tree essence in a very hot bowl. Then, let your head rest over this bowl, covering it with a towel so as not to lose any steam. Take long, deep breaths for 10 minutes.

5) tea tree essential oil for sore throat

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Pour a drop of this oil in a spoon of honey. This anti-sore throat mixture is to be taken 3 times a day.

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